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The Vikings and Saxons used woven trim to decorate their tunics.  There are several depictions of  Viking warriors and  Viking women wearing tunics and over tunics with woven trim on the edges of their clothing.

On of the amazing facts is that you can still find trim available for your Viking and Saxon garb that uses those same elements!  These examples were purchased from Calontir Trim and are available on the web or at most major events.  Over a thousand years later and you can still find examples of this trim readily available!

Viking Costume Trim

In this second example you can see more geometric patterns!

Viking Costume Trim

This running pyramid style trim is also shown in this plaque showing a female figure.

Viking Costume Trim

More geometric patterns are featured here.

Viking Costume trim

And finally one last example for you!

Viking Costume Trim

Written by Ray Moseley — January 12, 2016


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