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I have been asked "Why so many different Anglo-Saxon Bow brooches?"

With each of the Germanic invasions of England,


You then see the latest German fashion in the form of Bow Brooch Styles brought with each of the waves of invasion.  You see a succession of brooches,

Square headed

Square Headed Bow Brooch

Radiate head

Radiate Head Brooch

Small Long

With each new King the fashions would change to follow his new continental style!

Source of garnets in Anglo-Saxon, Frank and Germanic jewelry.

Where did the slab cut garnets used in much of the 6th to 8th Century of the Anglo-Saxon, Frank and Germanic  jewelry come from?  Trying to make these garnet slabs with modern garnets sold as jewelry is quite a challenge!  So how were these cultures able to produce their beautiful jewelry?

Written by Ray Moseley — March 01, 2016


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