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On this decorative plaque, used on belts, helms, horns, pouches, etc., you can clearly see an arm band being worn on the warriors right arm and wrist.


Check out the details of the arm and wrist on the plaque.

Such arm rings are the gift of King Rothgar, in the poem Beowulf,


"I remember a time when we drank mead,

Making a promise there in mead-hall,

To our lord, to the Ring-Giver, that we

Would repay his gift of war-gear,

If ever the need came upon him."


In history at the Battle of Brunanburgh, 937


"In this year King Aethelstan, Lord of warriors,

Ring-Giver to men, and his brother also

Prince Edmund, won eternal glory

in battle with sword edges

around Brunanburh.  They split the shield-wall,

they hewed battle shields with the remnants of hammers"

In 1040 AD, Earl Godwin is recorded to have gifted Harthacunt with a longship and 80 hand-picked warriors, each of whom had two arm-rings on each arm, each 'bracelet' containing 16 oz. of gold

In Norse mythology the Eddas tell of Odin possessing a golden arm-ring called Draupnir, forged by the dwarf Brook.  Every ninth night, eight new rings dropped from it! 

Check out this picture of the Cuerdale Hoard


Many arm rings and partial rings shown here.  You will find silver and gold arm rings in hoards, but not very often in the archeological record.  There you find bronze examples and maybe silvered or gilt ones.  They were too valuable to bury with most people!

We are proud to be able to offer several arm rings in our collection!  As stated in in Beowulf...


This most favored masculine adornment 

"…warrior brave with gold, … exulting in his jewelry"


 Order yours today for yourself or a loved one!

Written by Ray Moseley — October 25, 2015


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