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Viking Chess Set - The Lewis Chessmen
Found near Uig on the Isle of Lewis  in a sand dune in 1831 these chess pieces now are split between the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland.  The 93 pieces were made in Norway between 1150 - 1200.  During that time these island off the north coast of Scotland were part of the Kingdom of Norway.
The pieces closely follow the fashions of the court of Trondheim and a similar piece has been found there that was broken in times past.  Probably left by a merchant who never returned to claim them.  These pieces were carved in walrus ivory and whale teeth and form the major pieces for four sets of major pieces and some pawns.
You have seen the chessmen in many movies including the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie.Lewis Chess Men

Written by Ray Moseley — December 29, 2015


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