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Most, if not all titles are earned in the Society.  They are earned with hard work over a long time.  They are well deserved.  But how do you earn these titles?

KING AND QUEEN.  The title of King is won, by frighting in a Crown Tourney.  Crown Tourneys are held at regular intervals, depending on the Kingdom.  The victor is King by right of arms, but cannot succeed himself.  The Queen is the lady whose favor the king was carrying when he won the Crown Tourney

DUKE AND DUCHESS.  Fighters and consorts who have served as the crown twice.

COUNT AND COUNTESSES.  Fighters and consorts who have served as crown once.

KNIGHTS AND MASTERS-AT-ARMS.  Fighters who have received recognition for their fighting ability and for courtly accomplishments.  Knights wear a white belt and a gold chain; Masters wear a white belt over one shoulder, called a baldric.  White belts are reserved for these men and women to wear.

MASTERS AND MISTRESSES OF THE LAUREL.  Artisians who have been honored for achievement in arts and sciences.  They are entitled to wear a gold medallion having a green laurel wreath.

MASTERS AND MISTRESSES OF THE PELICAN.  Members who have been honored for their service to the society as a whole or to the Kingdom.  They are entitled to a medallion showing a pelican wounding itself, to feed its young.

MASTERS AND MISTRESSES OF DEFENSE.  Members are considered the equal of his or her  peers with the basic weapons of rapier and/or cut-and-thrust combat.

Written by Brandon Herman — July 31, 2016


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